• Oct 12 20:00 21:00
      • Gerry Deiter was fortunate enough to capture this intimate moment between John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their bed-in for peace in Montreal. Almost 50 years later, Toronto based printer Bob Carnie has been given access to this famous image and turned it into a permanent piece of art.

        "Entwined" has been printed using the historical printing process gum bichromate over palladium. This collectable print is being raffled off as a part of the PALLAS celebrity portrait exhibition.

        Early bird raffle tickets on sale until October 12

        Image courtesy of PeaceWorks Now and Joan Athey
      • Nov 10 18:30 22:00
      • Pallas (pronounced Palace) is one of the lesser-known Greek pantheon goddesses and the origin of the name for the element Palladium. An obvious choice to describe a celebrity portrait exhibition printed using a permanent printmaking process.

        At its heart, Pallas is a portrait show celebrating actors and musicians from across genres. It is also an ongoing project that aims to bring together some of the world’s top photographers and master printer Bob Carnie. Each print is made using a permanent printmaking process and seeks to create an enduring record of those whom we celebrate, and the photographer.

        Join us November 10 at the Rivoli for a chance to bring home a unique permanent print of your favorite celebrity. Not bidding? You can still come check out the atmosphere at this iconic Toronto bar, listen to some old school tunes and make your own bets which print will be the evening's top bid.
      • Nov 11 9:00 12:00
      • Rules, Creativity & Style

        This workshop is intended for those entering a commercial career and hopefully interested in exercising more control over subjects and creating their personal style in portrait photography.
        Meadows will present recent and past work that illustrates the tools useful for emerging photographers navigating the commercial world.
        This class will be based on his life experiences, influences, and inspirations and the personal well he draws from to produce work in-line with his vision.
        This will not be a lighting or technique workshop. The context of this workshop, will discuss how their approach informs the pictures they make and the best possible inherent output. Use of very simple lighting set ups, & location will covered loosely. A portrait sitting will play out over the course of the workshop and students will witness the full scope production from make-up, lighting arrangement and shoot completion.

        It’s my desire to have attendees bring their ideas to the table. There will be discussions about their efforts, process, influences and inspirations.
        Attendees will be asked to provide their portfolios as is to be possibly reviewed after the class
      • Nov 11 13:00 16:00
      • Matt Barnes is a Toronto-based photographer and an artists in every sense of the word. His passion, creative vision, and raw talent whether shooting a commercial campaign or a creative project, has made him one of the most sought after and accomplished photographer’s in the country. Crucial to his success is his commitment to creativity.

        This workshop is a rare opportunity to see Matt shoot a live creative portrait session for his portfolio. He will focus on the importance of shooting creatives — photography solely for yourself as an artistic expression. In the commercial world where you creating images for other people, companies, and products, it can sometimes be tricky to negotiate and balance one’s creativity. Personal projects are a great way to stay inventive and fresh.

        Matt will be taking the audience through every step involved in bringing a creative photoshoot to life, from production to final image and the level of involvement necessary to create an image you are truly proud to call your own. From production elements like casting and hair and makeup to wardrobe and propping, each component of production is as important as the execution of the photography. The best results come from detailed planning and a clear vision. Next is the actually photography. Matt will discuss lighting, pushing the limits of your camera, editing on set, and colour enhancement.
      • Nov 11 19:00 22:00
      • Frank Ockenfels III is a Los Angeles based photographer who for over 30 years has enjoyed collaborating and creating with actors, artists, musicians, politicians, athletes and everyday people.

        As a portrait photographer Frank's work has crossed over into every category. Frank has photographed countless TV advertising campaigns for all the major networks and cable channels.
        Frank's work for major movie posters include many of the most popular films of our time. His work has also appeared as Theatrical advertising with shows such as Book of Mormon and Once.
        His editorial work has appeared in almost every major magazine.
        Frank has photographed over 200 album covers and press shoots for both major and independent record labels with various musicians.

        Frank's ability to adapt to any situation as well as staying away from the obvious seem to be qualities that set him apart from other photographers. Frank thrives on pushing the boundaries of digital photography and believes in collaborating. In many ways Frank is unconventional. He believes that photography can still have moments of purity without being overly conceptualized or retouched.