Bob Carnie and Brendan Meadows share a passion for photography; it is what drives both of them. They are both deeply committed to creating, producing  and presenting images. A commonality between them is their 7 day a week work ethic which they both feel is required to maintain a career in their respective fields. 

They have approached photographers at the top in their field and bring to the general public, subtle, permanent photographic prints, signed by the artist. These prints over time will form a permanent record of some of our most famous celebrity’s, and musicians. Each year we plan to expand our reach, connect with Gallery’s and Pallas will become a entity to showcase work directly from the hands of our talented colleagues. 

This first showing of work will be first shown at the Rivoli, one of Toronto’s unique and classic rock venues, followed by a day of workshops and public viewing at 918 Bathurst.

That evening Frank Ockenfels III will give a lecture on his past 30 years of incredible imagery. Frank will then end of the evening and pull the ticket for this years Raffle Image: Gerry Dieters classic John and Yoko – Give Peace a Chance.  Courtesy of Joan Atway and The Stephen Bulger Gallery

Thank you for your interest in Pallas, we look forward to sharing this unique showcase of work and our commitment to photography. 

Bob Carnie is a Toronto-based photographer/printer  with an international reputation for printing traditional and digital for acclaimed photographers, galleries and museums. Being most in his element while working in the darkroom, Carnie maintains a hands-on approach that fuels his passion for photography. Bob is also the owner of  Alternative Photo Services which is an extension of his photographic experience.

Brendan Meadows was given his first Polaroid camera in 1986 and captured Princess Diana on his second exposure during Expo ’86 in Vancouver. She was 23; He was 10. The beginning of a fascination with the human subject and has been been illuminating the the most captivating facets of people ever since. Meadows’ thrives on challenge and pushing the conventional applications of the craft. Throughout this mission, he’s contributed photographs to Vice, Inventory, and Rolling Stone, and many other publications. Today this work continues with portrait and entertainment photography for networks such as FOX, AMC, A&E and CW. An inspired wanderer; a collector of people and places; a catcher of beauty as it changes.